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What We Do

SoCal Home Organizers is a home organizing company with a passion for order and simplicity in the home.

We offer easy solutions to your home and office organization problems, and we know how to maximize space while maintaining the efficiency of your space. Our goal is to create clear balance for every aspect of your home life.



We realize that life gets crazy and that keeping an organized home can be challenging. We design and implement customized solutions that are not only effective but sustainable.



Stop putting out little fires and start achieving your business goals! With our office organizing service, you’ll have everything you need to go from cluttered mess to consistent cash flow!

Move In/

Move Out

Most people dread moving day- so much unpacking and organizing and so little time . We’ll help you manage your next move, whether you are upsizing, downsizing, or rightsizing!

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SoCal Organizers offers new perspectives on old & new spaces while helping you develop techniques to easily manage your living area. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best storage solution for your specific needs, whether that means using existing owned items, installing new storage solutions or getting creative and thinking outside the box. We makes certain each and every space in your home is easily accessible, functional and aesthetically pleasing while utilizing systems and processes that are maintainable for the whole family and built to last you through the years.

We work with everyone from young professionals to retired folks who want to downsize their once bustling homes. We go down to the smallest spaces and catch all the unseen clutter like under bathroom sinks, storage units, kids play rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and beyond. Whether you live in a tiny one-bedroom or a spacious multi-level home, we can get you organized and help make life simpler.

SoCal Organizers is a San Diego based interior organizing service that transforms cluttered spaces into functional and organized environments. We offer new perspectives on your existing spaces while helping you develop habits to easily manage your newly arranged living areas.

Home Organizing

We can help you organize the spaces in every room in your home. This might be creative storage solutions; more efficient layout of your kitchen cabinets and pantry; creating functional closets, dressers, linen storage, home office, bathrooms, basements, craft areas, playrooms, etc.

We’ll suggest and even shop on your behalf for the right organizing products so you can better enjoy your space. We work together on the projects you want to tackle—choose any or all rooms and storage areas in your home.

Here is where we roll up our sleeves and work collaboratively. We’ll support you in making decisions about items you might consider donating, selling, giving away to family or friends, or putting in the trash.

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Office Organizing

We’ll work with you to create filing systems to better manage your home office paper flow. Creating different business categories, labeling all folders and correctly filing your paperwork are just a few things we do that will help you to be more efficient and make your business flow much smoother.

Together we’ll design a filing and organizational system that works for you to maintain your new filing system on your own. We can create retention schedules for personal and business paperwork to help you stay clutter free after we finish. We can even set up regular follow up calls to help keep you accountable in staying organized and creating those constructive business habits.

Move In/Out Organizing

We help you make decisions about keeping what you use and love, and getting rid of excess items. Moving is overwhelming enough. Let us help you pack your boxes. Our services include delivering charitable donations or arranging for pick-up of larger items. An inventory list of donation items is provided to you for tax deduction purposes.

Imagine being settled in your new home within a few days of moving! We unpack all your boxes and also organize and set up systems from the very beginning. This includes setting up your kitchen, pantry and home office; putting away clothes, shoes, linens in closets and dressers; organizing the bathroom; setting up toy/play rooms; unpacking books and displaying them on bookshelves; unpacking your artwork and recommending a company to hang them!

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Let us help you declutter and get organized up so you can get on with your life.